Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Summer!

Well I think I can finally say that summer is here! We've (the boys and I, poor Ryan's been at work) have been enjoying being outside the last two days. Yesterday we did the sprinkler and of course my water babies loved every minute of it. Today we decided to go get our annual pool (LOL, seriously you have to buy a new one every year) and the boys spent all day minus a couple hour nap in the middle of the day after playing. Then it was right back out there after they awoke. I spent the day reading basking in the sun and enjoyed it to the fullest. However I'll be doing some major homework catch-up tonight but it was well worth it to spend some quality time with the boys. It's amazing how much better they get along and are so happy when they can just be outside playing all day. I absolutely love watching them together! It's gonna be a long summer trying to get homework done when I'm having so much fun already with them. As for my photos, I wasn't trying to get a million of the cheeser man but I swear he just sees me with the camera in my hand and all I have to do is say "hey Austin" and he turns towards me and says cheese! It's so funny! Hayden on the other hand will give me a cheese while he's doing something and doesn't look at me. He's not so much into getting his photo taken right now. And try and get one of the two of them...pretty near impossible! :)

Here's some pics of our recent water fun!


I absolutely cannot get enough of this little man's grin! Or his little cute bum! :)
Handsome Hayden 

Pretty much the best I could get...they turn their head so fast!

P.S. I have a lot more to share but I'm just pooped from the sun and don't have enough patience to upload photos right now! Maybe this weekend! And feel free to pop on by Saturday...we're having a garage sale and got lots to get rid of! :)

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